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Episode 39: Cha Wilde

Welcome to Made for Music. Today’s friend of the podcast truly approaches music from ALL angles. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, videographer, photographer, AND fellow podcaster. She just put out a 3 song EP “Chill Lightening Rainbow,” which may be one of the greatest titles of all time, and is actively working on her next album.

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Episode 23: Anna St. Lee

Today’s friend of the podcast has been playing piano since age seven, studied classical voice starting at 14, classical and jazz vocal performance – as well as choral conducting - in college, musical theatre for a decade, and if that’s not impressive enough for you – she was part of Pocket Panda – an established indie rock band. Her band DATENITE is set to release its debut album The Sleepover EP, February 14th - with a release show the following night at Sunset Tavern.

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Episode 21: Shab Ferdowsi (Blushh)

Visiting with Made for Music on her first ever tour, the night after playing Black Lodge in Seattle, this LA singer-songwriter dropped by to chat about busking in Ireland, her debut release, tour management, and more great DIY music tips. She also just recently started working with episode 3 guest, Evan Johnson!

So without further ado, please welcome a lover of Cloud Nothings, Frankie Cosmos, and Great Grandpa - a talented photographer, taco connoisseur, and frontwoman of Blushh, Shab Ferdowsi.

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Episode 17: Jason Ketterer

Today’s friend of the podcast comes from an extremely musical family. Growing up on Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Manchester Orchestra, and the music of his family this artist got his start on bass guitar. He took up the saxophone in grade school band, and has since graduated to guitar. He moved to Seattle from Wisconsin back in 2013 where he joined his brother’s band Faintly - which later became Among Authors. Last summer (August of 2017) they released their debut record. Please welcome – the man striving to open a venue by 2020 – Jason Ketterer.

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Episode 14: Lone Human

This guy started producing content just over 2 years ago, but has been cranking out content ever since. Inspired by Deadmau5 and Madeon, he just released his third record in less than three years, Restart (featuring yours truly). Say hello to the man who’s career was kick-started by a New Years' Resolution, with a pancake truck as his backup plan, Marin County's own Marc Gleckman.

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Episode 7: Emperidol

This Ableton guru is a producer, singer-songwriter and is gearing up to release his EP "Waiting for Heaven" this Friday, April 6th. He does audio and video editing for some local tech firms, the  "All My Friends Podcast" (hosted by week 3 guest Evan Johnson), and is producing Duncan's (host) EP. Say hello to the king of wack subject lines, Emperidol (Aaron Carstensen). 

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